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All-in-one Card Personalization System
All-in-one Card Personalization System

It is mainly used for printing, detecting and labeling all kinds of PVC and paper cards (scratch Cards).

※   Integrated printing, detecting and labeling.
※   No need for manual detecting and decrease the time and labor cost.
※   US made machine vision, DVT from Cognex ensures high data accuracy.
※   Printing control software is compatible with different brands of inkjet printers (Imaje, Videojet, Domino, Linx) for maximum  printing flexibility.

※    Card Size: 50-120mm(L) x 50-90mm(W) x 0.2-2mm(T)
※    Card material: PVC, Paper, etc.
※    Productivity: 18000 pieces / hour 
※    Labeling precision: ±1mm 
※    Power Supply: 380VAC, 50Hz, 4Kw
※    Air: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
※    Dimension: 4300mm(L) X 900mm(W) X 1700mm(H)

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