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Wide Card Personalization Machine
Wide Card Personalization Machine

※    Be used for automatic printing variable informations like serial number, Pin number, barcode and so on, then applying label onto big sheet of PVC and paper cards such as prepaid phone cards, scratch cards,  game cards and so on.

※   Machine vision inspection (OCR) ensures the data accuracy.
※   It can meet different printing requirements with the ability of working with different brands of ink jet printers and HP high  resolution printers.
※   Easy to expand: Card feeding and collecting units is designed and controlled separately, easy to add functions according to customers' needs at the two ends.

※   Model: SC-508JILT
※   Card Size: 56-500mm(L) X 56-500mm(W) X 0.2-1.2mm(T)
※   Card Materials: PVC, Paper and so on.
※   Productivity: 3,000 sheets / hour
※   Compressed air:0.6 Mpa
※   Power and power supply: 220VAC, 50HZ, 3KW
※   Dimensions: 4500mm (L)X 700mm (W) X 1600mm (H)

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