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Contactless Card Reading and Printing System
Contactless Card Reading and Printing System

※   It is suitable for reading, printing and detecting the contactless cards. The automatic machine vision identification  technology ensures the data accuracy.

※   The servomotor in card feeding system ensures the high speed and stability.
※   The advanced ultrasonic overlapped card detecting ensures the smooth movement of the cards.
※   The position controlling chain ensures the stable and smooth delivery of the cards.
※   It can work with Inkjet Printers or Laser Coders according to the customers' demand.
※   It is flexible to choose the corresponding type of card readers according to the chip.
※   It can deal with the data according to the customers' requirements.
※   The card reading works at the same time with DVT detecting to ensure the data accuracy.

※    Model: SC-618
※    Card Size: CR80 standard card
※    Productivity: 3600 pieces / hour
※    Power and Power Supply: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1KW
※    Air: 0.6Mpa
※    Weight: Approximately 270Kg
※    Dimensions: 3400mm ( L ) × 890mm ( W ) × 1600mm ( H ) (Without  beacon)

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