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Big Sheet Labeling Machine
Big Sheet Labeling Machine

※  Be used to print, apply labels and OCR inspect for big size sheets in printing, electric label and cloth tag label industries.

※  Goods platform lifting to feed the goods.
※  Suction feeder ensures smooth feeding for goods with different thickness.
※  Automatic movement correction device ensures the consistent paper movement position.
※  Servomotor controlled labeling unit make sure the high labeling accuracy.
※  The labeling unit base can move automatically helping to apply labels onto different position of the paper.
※  Vacuum conveyor ensures the smooth goods movement.
※  The conveyor width is designed to be able to deal with different product size. Flexible for different needs.
※  Automatic goods collecting! Operator is involved only when the collecting goods are full.
※  Except putting the goods onto the feeder and taking away goods from conveyor, the rest are all automatic operation  which decrease the labor cost and improve production efficiency.
※  Optional OCR and electric label inspection makes it flexible.

※  Conveyor Speed: 30-50M/Min
※  Production Speed: 8sheets/Min, Max.120 labels/Min
※  Conveyor Height: 900±30mm
※  Sheet Size: Max.600x600mm, Min.270x270mm
※  Labeling Accuracy: ±1mm
※  Feeder Capacity: 500mm

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