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UV High Resolution Printing System
UV High Resolution Printing System

※  It can be used to print high resolution variable information onto paper, plastic cards and other packs.
※  Imported enviromental protection UV ink gives strong adhesion and clear printing with high recognition rate.
※  Optional OCR after printing ensures the data accuracy and increases the productivity.
※  Optional labeling unit to finish printing, inspection and labeling in one run. 

Advantage of UV Printer:
※  Long Service Life: It uses KONICA industrial piezoelectric nozzle from Japan with nozzle surface goldplated. Its service  life is over 3 years. It is the most advanced DOD industrial nozzle in the current market.
※  Fast Printing Speed: The maximum printing speed under stable production is up to 50 meters/min.
※  High Printing Resolution: The horizontal and vertical printing resolution is up to 360DPI and 720DPI. The printed barcode is full, black and fine. It is particularly suitable for a variety of white cards, grey cardboard printing. Under stable  production of 50 meters/min, more than 99% of barcode are level A.
※  Flexible Layout: You can reverse the layout to save paper under flexible layout mode. The seamless printing can be  achieved by installing double printhead.
※  Code Anti-Duplication: Barcode printing system with a duplicated code alarm function stops the duplicated code from the beginning. Before the code is preprinted, the system warns and the printing is not allowed.

System Parameters: 
※  Mode: SC-232-JIM
※   Speed: 30 - 50 meters / Min
※   Dimensions: 4726mm (L) X 826mm (W) X 2140mm (H) 
※   Printing content: 1D, 2D, Numbers, English characters and variable data, etc. 
※   Power and Power Supply: 3 phases 380V, 50HZ, 3KW 
※   Compressed Air: 0.6Mpa

Specifications of UV Printer: 
※   Printhead Model: SVP25 
※   Speed: 50 meters / Min 
※  Optimum Speed: 32 meters / Min 
※   Optimum Resolution: 360 X 300 DPI 
※   Max. Printing Group: 16 groups 
※   Ink Type: UV single color ink 
※   Barcode Level: Above A level 
※   Material Type:  In rolls or pieces 
※   Printing Material: Paper / plastic cards, PVC, PP, PE film, etc. 
※   Max. Printing Width: 36mm (1 printhead)

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