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RFID Card Reading and Printing Machine
RFID Card Reading and Printing Machine

It can deal with single, folded or roll RFID cards. It can read the data from the chips, print the data, compare the printed data with data inside the chips to ensure the data accuracy.
Working Process:
※   For Single Piece Card:
Feeding → Overlapped Card Detecting → Card Reading  →  Ink Jet Printing or Laser Coding  → Data comparison and Rejecting → Card Collecting
※   For Roll Card: 
Card Feeding → Data Reading  → Ink Jet Printing or Laser Coding → Data comparison  → Disquaified Card Marking  → Card Collecting

※   Servomotor in card feeder ensures the high speed and stability.
※   Ultrasonic overlapped card detecting ensures single card pass only.
※   The data can be printed by ink jet printer or laser coder according to customers' needs.
※   According to the chips inside the card, different types of card readers can be chosen.
※   One machine can deal with different types of cards.
※   The position controlling chain ensures the stable and smooth delivery of the cards.
※   It can converse the data read from the cards according to the customers' requirementsso that to print different data onto the cards.
※   Card reader works together with the machine vision to ensure the printing data accuracy comparing with the data inside the chips.

※   Model: SC-620
※   Card Size: CR80
※   Speed: 6,000 pieces / hour
※   Dimensions: 3750mm(L) × 610mm(W) × 1950mm(H)
※   Power and Power Supply: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1.8Kw
※   Air: 0.6Mpa

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