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Rotary Labeling Machine
Rotary Labeling Machine

※ This series labeling machine uses rotary table to apply labels onto bottles. It can apply whole around label onto round  bottle, single side label onto flat bottle, 3 or 4 side labels onto square bottles. Positioning labeling can be achieved  depending on the bottle shape.
※ It is widely used in liquor, daily chemical and beverage industries.

※ Rotary labeling gives high labeling speed, stability and accuracy.
※ Bottle feeding and output device combines screw and spider. Just need to change the screw and spider when the bottle is changed.
※ Double pressing roller driven prevents the label from being broken under high speed.
※ Flexible selection for production date and other information printing like ink jet printer, laser printer or coder.
※ Optional machine vision inspection can inspect the labeling or printing.
※ Industrial PC helps to achieve remote control and intelligent management.
※ Automatic speed control system automatically adjusts the machine speed according to the bottle running situation. It maximizes the productivity, makes the operation easier and ensures smoother bottle running.

※ Bottle Size: φ50 - 75mm, Height 285~335mm (Similar to red wine bottle. May need to change the modules when the  bottle size is changed.)
※ Labeling Speed: 20,000 bottles / Min (depends on the bottle diameter and label length)
※ Labeling Dispensing Speed: 60 Meters/Min
※ Label Width: 250mm or 170mm
※ Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0mm (Excluding the errors of bottles and labels)
※ Power Consumption: 220VAC 50/60Hz 2700KW
※ Dimensions: 4000mm(L)×1600mm(W)×H2200mm(H)

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