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Vertical Feeding/Horizontal Labeling with Tray Separator
Vertical Feeding/Horizontal Labeling with Tray Separator

※     It is ideal for applying labels onto bottle with smaller diameter such as ampoule bottle,   vial bottles 、oral liquild bottles  and so on in pharmaceutical industry. 
※     Bottles are put into trays after labeling. Bottle feeding, printing, labeling, tray separating and bottle-to-tray inserting can  be finished in one pass.

※     Screw bottle separating device guarantees the accurate bottle intervals. This results in very low bottle breaking rate  (<1/200,000).
※     Horizontal roller chain conveyor system ensures the accurate and stable labeling.
※     Bottle-to-tray inserting device:
       1.    Servo motor controlled inserter conveyor system ensures the accurate positioning.
       2.    Servo motor controlled bottle delivery system ensures the accurate bottle-to-tray inserting.
       3.    No need to change parts and modules when changing bottles and trays. Just need some simple adjustment and parameter setting. This makes the operation simple.
       4.    Bottle-to-tray speed and labeling speed are matched automatically. The system will stop automatically when there  is no bottle or tray.

※     Model:  SL-235
※     System speed: 450 bottles / minute ( Depends on the bottle and label size)
※     Labeling Accuracy: ±0.5mm (Excluding the errors of bottles and labels)
※     Bottle Diameter: 10-22mm or10-30mm
※     Bottle-to-tray rate: >99.5% (counted by bottles)
※     Power Consumption: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1950W
※     Dimensions: 3530mm(L)  x1600mm(W) x1760mm (H)

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