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Orientation Wrap Around Labeling Machine
Orientation Wrap Around Labeling Machine

※   It can be used to apply whole around label, part around label and positioning labels onto round bottle in daily chemical,  pharmaceutical, food industries and so on.
※   Optional printing device like ink jet printers and coders can print the product date, batch code, expiry date while labeling.
※   It can handle bottles with different size.

※   PLC control and touch screen makes the operation convenient and intuitive.
※   Up to 50 groups of labeling parameters can be stored. Do not need to reset the parameters when changing products size.
※   Conveyor, bottle separating device, positioning and turning device use motors which can be adjusted separately.
※   Low label warning of 200 pieces of labels. The machine will stop automatically when the label is used up. Online warning  for machine status  and errors makes the operation easy and convenient.
※   The machine speed can be adjusted with use of reliable and stable motor from Mitsubishi from Japan.
※   The U-shaped sensor ensures the stable goods detecting and not be influenced by the surface color and uneven light  reflective. This ensures the labeling stability.
※   All spare parts including the cabinets, stand, adjustment brackets, and small nuts are all made from stainless steel or aluminum. No dust and dirty.
※    It has automatic and manual parameter setting function. Automatic setting can set the predispensing length of labels to  the optimum length. It decreases the adjustment time a lot comparing with manual setting. 

※   Model: SL-121
※   Wine Bottle size: φ55×H175(mm) and φ75×H175(mm)
※   Labeling Speed: 60pieces / minute (depends on the size of bottles and labels)
※   Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0mm (Excluding the errors of bottles and labels)
※   Dimensions: 2000mm(L) × 1000mm(W) × 1780 mm(H)
※    Power and Power Supply: 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 500W

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