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Battery Labeling Machine
Battery Labeling Machine

※   Be suitable for automatic labeling R03 and R06 batteries.
※   With the ink jet printers, the production date can also be printed at the same time.

※   PLC control and touch screen makes the operation convenient and intuitive.
※   Roller chain conveyor ensures accurate and stable labeling.
※   Unique hot wind shrink device transfers the wind energy to heat energyand closes up the two ends of products after  labeling.
※   Up to 50 groups of labeling parameters can be stored and named. When the product size is changed or different productivity is required,only some adjustment on  certain parameters are required.
※   Unique sand-glass material label traction roller with excellent driving grip and wear resistance ensures durability and  labeling accuracy.
※   Intelligent label control and error warning functions.
※   Components like cabinet, stand, adjusting brackets, buts and so on are all made from stainless steel or aluminium.  No rust, no dust.
※   World renowned brands of electrical components ensures the stable and reliable performance.

※   Model: SL - 261
※   Labeling speed: 200-300pieces/min. (Varies with the sizes of products and labels)
※   Labeling accuracy: ±0.3mm (Excluding errors of products and labels)
※   Products: R03 and R06 batteries
※   Dimensions: 2600mm( L) X 680mm (W) X 1670mm (H)
※   Power and power supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 3500W

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