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Stand Alone Labeling Machine with Printer
Stand Alone Labeling Machine with Printer

※    After receiving the data, the printer prints the labels and then labeling unit applies it onto top or side of the goods.
※    It is widely used in logistic management system in pharmaceutical, tobacco, electronics industries and so on.

※   Zebra Printer: It combines the thermal transfer printing and automatic labeling. It can be used in automatic production and  logistic management to print  and apply the labels with variable data onto products. It can print numbers, Chinese  characters, 1D and 2D code and so on.
※   Floor Stand: With grid on the stand, it is easy to match the heights with different production lines. Stainless steel makes it clean and meets GMP requirement.
※   Touch Screen: The bracket for touch screen can turn at 360 degree. Convenient to operate
※   Memory for labeling parameters: It can store 50 sets of labeling parameters such as bottle diameter and length etc. No  need to reenter the parameters when changing labels or bottles.

※   Model: SL - 902TA
※   Labeling Speed: 60 - 100 pieces / minute
※   Labeling Accuracy: ±1mm (Excluding the error of goods and labels)
※   Suitable Labels: Self adhesive single row label in roll with transparent, non-transparent and half transparent gelaxin paper. The internal diameter of label roll is φ76.2mm, The Maximum external diameter of label roll is φ340mm. The width of label body paper is 16 mm ~ 200mm.
※   Weight: About 100kg
※   Power Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz  

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