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Side Labeling Machine
Side Labeling Machine

※   It is used for labeling rectangular products on their side surface.
※   It is mainly used in pharmacy, food, beverage, daily chemical, electronics industries and so on.
※   Optional barcode reading helps to reject the disqualified products and separate the products.

※   PLC control and touch screen makes the operation convenient and intuitive.
※   Can be used in  high speed production lines due to its high speed labeling.
※   Servomotor control ensures high labeling accuracy.
※   Up to 50 groups of labeling parameters can be stored. No need to reset the parameters when changing products size.
※   Unique sand-glass material label traction roller with excellent driving grip and wear resistance. The traction roller ensures  durability and  dispensing accuracy over the long term.
※   Low label warning reminds label replacement.
※   The labeling position can be easily adjusted through the screw.
※   Optional printer can achieve the printing while labeling.

※   Model: SL-511
※   Label dispensing speed: 10 - 50meters / Min.
※   Labeling method: Side labeling
※   Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (Exluding the error of substrate and label)
※   Productivity: 100 - 250 pieces / Min. (Varies with the size of substrate and label.)
※   Labeling direction: Left to right
※   Power and power supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 1000W

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