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RFID Encoding, Printing and Inspection system
RFID Encoding, Printing and Inspection system

※  It is used to encode the roll to roll RFID label, verify the chips and print variable information onto the labels.

※  Multiple functions: Unwind and rewind the roll, count the label, encode RFID chips, Print variable information, cheak RFID
label quality and so on.

※  PLC control and intuative Windows operation interface setuping the parameters make the operation easy and quick.
※  Fast and accurate printing due to imported high quality HP printer. Barocode, 2D code, pattern, alphanumeric characrers
can all be printed. 

※  Moving correction device from Italy corrects the roll moving direction automatically and improves the printing accu racy.
※  The sensitive magnetic powder clutch and tension control device ensure the constant tension on the roll and the system

※  Optional machine vision inspection system inspects the information on the roll, and ensu res output quality.
※  Customized software supports encoding H F and UH F labels. It can deal with roll with 4 chips across the moving direction. 
※  HF encoder can support labels with IS014443A/B.  IS015693 standards. UHF encoder can support labels with EPCglobal
UHF Class l Gen 2/ IS0 18000-6C standard. Customized ceramic antenna can be used if necessary.

※  Compressed Air: 0.6 MPA
※  Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 1.5Kw
※  Rewinding Speed: Max 75M/Min 
※  Rewinding Accuracy: ±1mm 
※  HP Printing Speed: 1-304M/Min 
※  Encode Chip Type : HF: Mifarel S50,Mifarel S70,Ultralight,ICODE Sli- UHF: Monza,NXP, higgs3... 
※  Date Write Speed:  HF: 6000-7000Pic/H ( 3 blocks),UHF:8000Pic/H(Change EPC )  ( This speed depen
   block numbers,label sizes and so on).

※  Read Speed: HF: 8000-9000Pic/H; UHF:9000-10000Pic/H
※  Roll Diameter: ≤400mm
※  Roll Width: ≤300mm
※  Printing Width : 12.7mm ( single printhead )

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