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  • Future, Santuo go higher, farther!
  • 2015 SanTuo was honored as National Hi-tech Company and won Innovative Brand in Labeling Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • 2014 at the time of 10 years anniversary, SanTuo had launched over 120 types of products, applied 15 national patents, provided solutions for over 1000 well-known companies and served customers from over 38 countries.
  • 2013 SanTuo adjusted product research and development strategy and decided to make the marking and identification new running direction. In November, achieved a big success in Paris Cartes show and enlarged company scales.
  • 2012 developed Double Head Labeling Machine for P&G with CE certificate.
  • 2011 provided electrical monitoring coding products for over 100 well-known companies such as the Top Labeling Machine for Kelun Industry Group.
  • 2010 developed automatic bottle-to-tray inserter with national patent. And developed the highest speed corner sealing labeling machine in China for Sanofi.
  • 2009 developed series of electrical monitoring coding products and became one of the most important providers for coding hardware products.
  • 2008 developed labeling and inspection packaging machine which was used widely by top 500 enterprises worldwide like Coca Cola, Pepsi Coca, P&G, etc.
  • 2007 became formal system integrator of Congex which made the machine vision inspection system perfect.
  • 2006 developed Card Printing and Inspection software which is widely used in card industry.
  • 2005 developed Card Printing and Inspection software which is widely used in card industry.
  • Jan 2004 SanTuo was established in Guangzhou. Later became excellent system integrator for American DVT, and developed the first product - Card Inspection Machine.
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