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About Machine Vision:
  Machine vision is to use machines instead of the human eye to do the measurement and judgment. With the machine vision, the image capture device, the target signals can be converted into image signals and then be sent to a dedicated image processing system. Then according to the distribution of pixel brightness, color and other information, the image signals are converted into digital signals. The image processing system calculate the digital signals to extract the features, such as size, number, location, length of the target. Then according to the default permission of degrees and other conditions, results including the size, angle, numbers, pass / fail , yes / no, etc. can be outputted so that to achieve automatic identification and to control the movement of equipment at the scene.
A typical industrial machine vision system includes light, lens, camera, image processing unit (or image capture card), image processing software, monitors, I/O card and so on.

Comparison between Manual Checking and Machine Vision Inspection:

Human Eye Detection

Machine Vision Inspection

Low efficiency

High speed

Make mistake easily

High accuracy and high reliability

Fatigue, emotional and difficult to maintain the stable detection results       

Run 24 hours with stable inspection

Cannot be used in dangerous condition

Be suitable for dangerous condition

Not easy to achieve information integration

Can Achieve information integration

High cost

Low cost

  Because of these characteristics of the machine vision system, it is widely used in working condition monitoring, finished product testing and quality control in the automatic production process. The professional team from SanTuo provides total machine vision solution for efficient and comprehensive online inspection. For example:

OCR inspection
※    Automatic number identification 
※   Automatic text identification

Barcode Inspection
※   Automatic 1D, 2D, code and text identification
※   dentify codes by laser coder, ink jet
   printer & chemical etching……

Label Position Inspection
※    Label existence 
※    Label skew

Shape Identification    
※   Size inspection 
※   Size measurement 
※   Intact edge inspection 
※   Cracks, dirty point inspection
Automation Equipment
※   Automatic positioning 
※   Automatic grab
Impurity Inspection
※    Liquid level inspection
※    Impurity inspection

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